Providing best, prompt and efficient services to humanity.our ultimate goal

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Grape-Regal Ventures Limited is a reliable and reputable Company operating in Nigeria and duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria with Company registration number as RC 1262697. The Company is known for its reliable and excellence services

Engagement and Area of Interest: The Company is a services provider with diversified area of interests and trading. The Company is registered to provide and engage in the following areas; Import and Export, Agriculture, Farming, Poultry, Petro-chemical products, Food Supplements/Drugs, Distributive trade, Estate Management, Buying and Selling etc. The Company has special interest and commitment in exportation of Agricultural produce, Agro-Allied products and Food Supplements/Drugs. Our Agricultural produce for exports includes; Bitter Kola, Ginger/Turmeric, Shea butter, Garlic, Locus beans etc. The Company is well known for its ability to source and export the commodities and for its quick delivery of goods and services.

  • Our vision is to become a business conglomerate based on service to humanity, health, and environment in conformity with international business standard.

  • To provide innovative, dynamic, efficient and excellent services through top quality and sincere business thriving environment.

  • Our core value will always be the platform for a business environment built upon trust interactions, tailored towards prompt and efficient service delivery with a solid foundation based on integrity, competence, professionalism and dynamism.

  • The Company is located in Lagos which is the commercial and economy nerve center of Nigeria. Lagos is a coastal area in the South-West of Nigeria.

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GRAPE-REGAL VENTURES LIMITED recognizes quality as very essential in all its operations and is therefore well committed to its full implementation. Quality is achieved by our Company through strict adherence to application codes, specification and standards as may be contained in client’s contract proposal and which shall be in line with Company’s general quality control (QC) policy. We as a responsible business organization respects the quality control and specification policy of our clients and ensures strict compliance with clients’ procedures and practices as prescribed and approved by them. It is the policy of GRAPE-REGAL VENTURES LIMITED to secure the confidence and trust of our clients through provision of good, quality, reliable, prompt and efficient services delivery. We maintain open communication between the company and clients. We also encourage expression of concerns and suggestions. In GRAPE-REGAL VENTURES LIMITED, the management and employees work as a team to ensure quality control and prompt delivery of goods and services.


The Company is a limited liability company being managed by a small team of resourceful persons which is headed by a Chief Executive Officer.

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